Marzia Aziz

With a background in nutrition and food, Marzia shines a spotlight on fresh, seasonal cooking that’s full of flavor.

Jenny Goycochea-Marker

Jenny is a recipe developer and photographer who balances her professional culinary experience with approachable recipes for home cooks.

Derek Campanile

IT professional by day, home cook by night—this California dad loves sharing his recipes with others.

Monique Polanco

New York mom and social worker Monique has roots in the south and Caribbean;

her Instagram and blog are named after her beloved grandma’s famous peach cobbler.

Angela Persicke & Mark Perlioni

A food love story: When chef Mark met non-chef Angela, he inspired her to start cooking.

Now they share a recipe development and food photography business.

Kitchen Club Chef’s Tools

Premier™ Fry Pan Set

The 10-inch fry pan elevates Kristina's Steak & Egg Fried Rice - including the "dramatic egg"

Cast Iron 12" Skillet

Going old school for Monique's Crispy Southern Fried Chicken with Honey Rosemary Sauce

Countertop-Safe Bakeware

How Vy brings her amazing Chocolate Halva Tahini Wreath Bread to life

Britney Chamberlain

Baker, chef, clinical researcher, and food blogger Britney serves up delectable, eclectic recipes.

As a kid, she loved “mixing up something fun” in the kitchen with her mom.

Nick Anderson

Point, shoot, cook! Nick’s a chef, photographer, and videographer. His food looks as awesome as it tastes.

Gina Fontana

Health coach, author, and mom Gina began cooking when she became gluten-, dairy-, egg-, and meat-free.

It’s her goal to help people with special diets enjoy delicious food.