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Kitchen Talk with Calphalon

Articles & Tips


  • From coffee to crepes, brunch seamlessly combines good food with great company. Enjoy a leisure-filled meal with these mid-morning classics.

  • With hundreds of electric countertop appliances on the market, it may be overwhelming to choose the best ones for you and your kitchen. Trust our guide to selecting modern, sleek appliances for your kitchen.

  • From fresh morning coffee to family dinner, we rely on countertop appliances to make kitchen time easy each day. Your electric cookware will perform its best with these tips for cleaning and care.

  • Confidently poach more than just eggs! Poaching is an easy stovetop technique in which foods are submerged in liquid for even, gentle cooking.

  • What makes cake, ice cream or fresh fruit even better? Topping off one of these treats with a luscious dessert sauce, made fresh on your stovetop.

  • Learn more about high-heat cooking from the Calphalon cookware experts.

  • Grilling right on your stovetop is the ultimate in convenience. Ready to get started? We'll tell you how to choose a grill pan designed to cook to perfection.

  • Learn how to make a perfect omelette with Calphalon premium cookware.

  • Learn how Calphalon omelette pans and fry pans are designed to deliver delicious results.

  • Learn the basics of steaming fish, chicken, shellfish, vegetables and more.

  • We're sharing our stir-fry secrets, so now you can make delicious dinners that are fast, fresh and super-easy to prepare.

  • No matter your cooking task, Calphalon has a knife that's perfect for the job.

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