Warranty Claim


Please fill out a separate claim for each item you wish to return. If you need to submit a claim for a set, you will need to fill out and submit individual claims per piece.

All fields required unless marked optional.

Why is a valid phone number required?

Why is this requested?
Why is this requested? Our products have limited warranties. The date you purchased the item may be used to help determine the terms of your product’s warranty. If you received your product as a gift, please provide the date the gift was received.
File size should not exceed 3 MB and file format should be PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF.
Why is this requested?

To expedite the warranty claim process, please include the following clear and in-focus images:

1. A picture of the entire product

2. Pictures of the issue being submitted for warranty

3. And one of the following: * For cookware - picture of the bottom/underside of the pan * For bakeware - picture of the bottom/underside of the pan * For cutlery - picture of the numbers on the knife blade * For appliances/electrics - picture of the number engraved on the prongs of the plug.