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​​Sandra M., Associate Engineer

"Being a vegetarian in a family full of gardeners, my favorite addition to our Thanksgiving meal is our Oven Roasted Vegetables. It combines our love of nature and cooking into a colorful and harmonious side dish. We start with sliced potatoes surrounding the outside of the baking pan, then layer the interior with zucchini and yellow squash wedges, red and green bell peppers, chopped red onion, and topped with juicy diced tomatoes. The vegetables are seasoned throughout assembly with a combination of salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil, and thyme. After an hour long roast in the oven, all of the flavors blend together, creating a healthy and delicious family favorite on Thanksgiving!"

Karen B., Senior Project Manager
"The first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband and his family, his mother wanted me to feel included, so she asked me to bring a dish that would be served at my family's dinner. I made creamed-pearled onions. Not only did I feel honored that she let me cook in her kitchen, but my dish became a regular request at all future Thanksgivings. I have kept this tradition now that we have Thanksgiving at our home; as our children, nieces, and nephews get married, we always ask their spouses to bring a dish that is special to them. We now have a table not only filled with incredible dishes: creamed-pearled onions, bourbon sweet potatoes, creamed corn souffle, and traditional items like sausage stuffing, fried turkey, and buttermilk mashed potatoes; but a table filled with memories and the people that made them."

Tatta R., Operations Senior Specialist
"Thanksgiving is always a time to sit around the table and share great food with family and friends, as well as a time to reflect on what we have so much to be thankful for. It is a family tradition to grind up the leftover turkey and add onions, sweet pickles, and miracle whip for a sandwich spread. I think I look forward to that more than the baked turkey!"

Juan Luis S., Senior Channel Manager
"Both my wife and I are not from this country, so for us it is a celebration we have learned to appreciate as a special time to be with loved ones and share in a nice traditional meal. We introduce other dishes not commonly found in a Thanksgiving table to spice things up a bit, but our favorites are the more popular and traditional, such as pecan pie and gravy!"

Erin G., Associate Manager, PR and Consumer Engagement
"The main tradition that we have is that my extended family on my dad's side doesn't get together until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We meet up then to watch the University of Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game. Half of the family are UGA fans and half of the family are Tech fans! My grandfather makes the best chicken wings on the grill and my grandmother makes chicken fingers. This is the time and food I always associate with Thanksgiving holiday - getting together to watch the game and fighting my second cousins for the most wings!"

Phil K., Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
"We always make a broccoli casserole, and we always have a bowl of large, pitted black olives. My cousins and I used to put them on our fingers when growing up."

Jennie S., Customer Service Specialist
"Growing up, my sister and I would watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television and we would break bread into little pieces for stuffing. It never failed that we would eat more than we gave my mom, but she would always smile and hand us another loaf to break. Traditions of being together, enjoying wonderful food, and talking about what we are thankful for are moments that my siblings and I have now passed onto our own children."

Jaime H., Purchasing Specialist, Supply Chain
"Every year, my mother spends the day before Thanksgiving preparing and cooking her great-grandmother's dressing. The recipe is over a hundred years old, and I would always sit at the kitchen counter watching while my mother prepared the dish from a yellowed, handwritten recipe card. I know that one day the card will be passed to me, along with all the memories of the wonderful Thanksgivings shared with my family."

Rebecca B., Customer Service Specialist
"Our Thanksgivings were always at my mom's house and there was plenty of food and laughter. A few years ago, my mom suffered a stroke around Thanksgiving. We knew it wouldn't be right to have our dinner without her, so we took the entire dinner up to the facility she was at. It was a great way to remember that it didn't matter where we got together as long as we were together."

Atoosa A., Associate Manager, Digital Marketing
"Since I live far away from my family, I always look forward to Thanksgiving because it's one of the rare occasions each year when I get to go home and spend time with them. As for food, my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the dessert! My aunt always makes a delicious chocolate trifle, consisting of decadent layers of chocolate brownie, fudge, and creamy marshmallow."