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Calphalon confers with Chef Nancy Waldeck on healthy baking substitutes for springtime baking...

Put Spring in Your Step and into Spring Baking!

To keep that spring in your step, use lighter ingredients in baking to help reduce fat, calorie and salt intake.

  • Lighten up spring baking with evaporated condensed skim milk rather than heavy cream. Use 2/3 of the evaporated milk and only 1/3 of the heavy cream to get that creamy texture and taste without all the excess fat and calories.
  • Egg whites add a light and much healthier texture than eggs in any spring baking recipe! Use two egg whites for every one egg in a recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for 3 eggs, use only 1 egg and 4 egg whites.
  • If your favorite corn muffin recipe asks for buttermilk, use nonfat Greek yogurt or low fat buttermilk instead. (Hint: a great healthy combo with the corn muffin is to add blueberries!)
  • Substituting light olive oil for butter is a wonderful way to bake it healthy this spring! Use 3 tablespoons of light olive oil instead of the 1/4 cup of butter in a recipe. This tip works well for muffins and biscuits. Extra virgin olive oil is great, too, depending on how strong the flavor is in spring baked goods.

There’s No Substitute for Good Taste in Spring Baking!

  • When a spring baking recipe calls for chocolate (semisweet chips), substitute 70 percent of a cacao chocolate bar, broken into pieces to add "good for you" antioxidants.
  • The chocolate in a brownie recipe can be altered to enhance nutritional value by substituting 1 tablespoon of instant coffee for 1 tablespoon of the required unsweetened cocoa powder. Yes! Coffee actually enhances the chocolate flavor! .
  • Toast nuts that a recipe calls for to bring out the natural oils and flavor. Then only use 3/4 of the nuts in the recipe. The results will not only taste better, but also be better for you!

Bake up some wonderful springtime treats today armed with everything you need to know about how to bake it healthy!

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