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Calphalon Katana Series 7-in. Slicing Knife

SKU:   KN3007VS


The Calphalon Katana Series 7-in. Slicing Knife features a beautiful, custom-forged Damascus style blade with 32 layers of stainless steel over a Japanese VG-1 steel core. This time-honored layering process not only imparts exceptional sharpness, but also allows the blade to retain its edge for enduring, high-performance results. Featuring a long slender blade and a curved cutting edge, our slicing knives are ideally shaped to help make consistent, beautiful slices. Kullens along the edge help reduce friction, which prevents food from sticking.

  • Integrated bolster design promotes proper full-blade cutting technique
  • Contoured, Asian-style polyresin handle
  • Balanced for control and precision
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

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