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At Calphalon we know first-hand that using the right tools is key to creating delicious results in your kitchen. That’s why we offer a full range of cookware surfaces to fit your cooking style -including nonstick, infused anodized aluminum, stainless steel and enamel cast iron - in the basics vessels you’ll need everyday, from sauce pans and stock pots, to fry pans and roasting pans. Plus other specialty items like griddles and woks for help mastering new recipes and techniques.

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  • Cookware Sets

Our 8- and 10-piece sets are the perfect foundation for your cookware collection and typically include essentials such as omelette or fry pans, sauce pans and stock pots.

  • Omelette and Fry Pans

While ideal for eggs and omelettes, the wide flat bottom and curved sides of the omelette pan also make it a favorite choice of professional chefs for searing, sautéing and pan-frying.

  • Saucier

Saucier pans are tailor-made for large gatherings. They are ideal for simmering sauces soups and stews; also superb for pot roasts, casseroles and baked pasta dishes.

  • Griddle

Large flat surface offers maximum cooking area. Ideal for breakfast, fish fillets and grilled sandwiches.

  • Grill Pan

Designed to recreate the flavor and appearance of outdoor grilling, indoors. An ideal grilling environment for meats, fish or vegetables.

  • Multipot

This all-in-one stockpot comes with a pasta insert and steamer basket. Used together or separately, it is perfect for pastas, corn, shellfish and more.

  • Double Boiler Insert

Holds foods above boiling water in a sauce pan for gentle heating. Use to melt chocolate, cheeses or making delicate sauces.

  • Steamer Insert

Indispensable kitchen tool for steaming fresh vegetables, shellfish, tamales and fruits. Also handy for steaming and reheating rice and other grains.

  • Pasta Insert

Makes cooking and draining pasta, shellfish and corn simpler and safer.

  • Sauté Pans

The wide flat bottom surface of this pan is ideal for searing and sautéing meats, fish and poultry. The pan's low sides allow air to circulate so foods don't get soggy, while also high enough to contain juices, prevent spattering and create the ideal environment for making a pan sauce. A cover adds versatility for brown-and-braise recipes.

  • Sauce Pans

Ideal for soups, sauces, noodles, rice and mashed potatoes, the saucepan is the workhorse of the kitchen. You'll need at least two - one small and one large - to cover the most common cooking tasks. Our sauce pans are designed with high sides and a narrow mouth to help you control the rate at which your sauces reduce. The bottom and sides are consistently thick to ensure even heating throughout the pan. Heavy-gauge bottoms protect delicate cream sauces from scorching.

  • Stock Pots

Tall sides and a narrow mouth minimize evaporation during the lengthy process of making stock. Bottom and side walls are evenly thick to ensure even cooking. Ideal for soups, stews, chili and pasta, too.

  • Roaster & Rack

A roaster is a must for holiday entertaining. Low sides allow air to circulate freely around meats and poultry for perfect roasting every time. Roasts brown beautifully, cradled securely above pan drippings in the rack.

  • Stir Fry / Wok

Ideal for stir-frying, deep frying and steaming foods. Use the large domed cover on the wok for simmering soups.

  • Chef's Pan

Uniquely versatile, incorporating features of a sauce pan, a stir-fry pan and a braiser. Perfect for risotto and other recipes that call for continuous stirring. Designed with a wider mouth than the traditional sauce pan, for more efficient sauce reduction.

  • Everyday Pan

A versatile silhouette, designed with two loop handles for easy stovetop and oven cooking, as well as an elegant presentation at the table. Ideal for searing and sautéing meats, poultry and vegetables. Perfect for gratin dishes, frittatas, shallow casseroles and more.

  • Sauteuse

A traditional sauté pan made even more versatile, with two loop handles. Ideal for shallow casseroles, "sauté-and-sauce" or "brown-and-braise" recipes. Moves smoothly from stovetop to oven to broiler and then serves beautifully on your table.

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Kitchen Electrics

Style. Performance. Simplicity. Calphalon’s Kitchen Electrics Collection is designed to provide accurate temperature control, even heat delivery and ensure that foods cook evenly and thoroughly, for results you can count on – every time. Featuring a digital slow cooker, waffle maker, toasters, and everything in between, Calphalon’s Kitchen Electrics will find themselves right at home on your countertop.

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  • Convection Oven

Whether toasting, broiling, or convection baking, a convection oven gives you more cooking options in less space.

  • Panini Grill

Great for making delicious sandwiches or even grilled cheese, a Panini Grill is sure to become a kitchen favorite.

  • 7 Qt. Digital Slow Cooker

Chili, braised short ribs, pot roast and more – cooked to perfection during the day for delicious suppers any night of the week.

  • Waffle Maker

Perfect for delicious Belgian waffles your entire family can enjoy.

  • Toasters

Featuring Defrost, Bagel, and Reheat settings along with extra-wide slots, a new toaster is a perfect addition to your Dream Kitchen.

  • Removable Plate Grill

No matter the weather, you can enjoy the flavors of the outdoor grill indoors any season with a Removable Plate Grill.

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Everything you need to treat friends and family to delicious desserts and fresh-baked breads and pastries can be found right here. Choose from traditional nonstick products crafted from heavy gauge aluminum, to contemporary ceramics designed to go from oven to table beautifully. Our collection of hand tools designed exclusively for bakers complete the package to meet all your everyday and holiday baking needs.

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  • Cookie Sheets

Specifically made for cookies - whether you like them chewy, gooey, crispy or crunchy. Also ideal for biscuits and rolls.

  • Round Cake Pans

Ideal for single and multi-layer cakes.

  • Springform Pan

Features the added benefit of a removable springform ring that releases the pan sides of baked goods. Ideal for crumb crust desserts, cheesecakes and flourless cakes.

  • Tart Pan

Features a loose bottom which makes removing and serving the tart a breeze. Ideal for fruit tarts, custard tarts, quiches and more.

  • Square Cake Pans

Perfect for brownies, coffee cakes and bar cookies.

  • Rectangular Cake Pans

Ideal for roasting meats, baking party-sized cakes, or serving up a hearty helping of lasagna and casseroles.

  • Loaf Pans

For savory and sweet breads.

  • Muffin Pans

Ideal for cupcakes and muffins - available in standard and mini.

  • Brownie Pan

Not only a great pan to prepare your favorite brownies, but useful in making cornbread, fudge and toffee.

  • Jelly Roll Pan

From quick finger foods to fancy desserts, the jelly roll pan is the most versatile baking pan you'll ever buy. The shallow sides are ideal for baking small-portion foods such as fries, fish fillets and breadsticks.

  • Bund Cake Pan

For stunningly beautiful cakes.

  • Angel Food Pan

Ideally designed for light fluffy angel food results every time.

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Kitchen Accessories

Beautiful shape. Ergonomic. Easy-to-clean. What more could you want in your kitchen tools and gadgets! From fundamentals like spoons and spatulas to specialty items for slicing pizza, rolling pastry or serving sorbet, Calphalon’s kitchen tools combine innovative performance features, durable construction and unparalleled comfort with outstanding contemporary styling.

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  • Spatulas

Available in solid and slotted, ideal for flipping eggs, turning meats and serving casseroles.

  • Spoons

Available in solid and slotted, perfect for stirring sauces, incorporating ingredients and serving practically any dish.

  • Canister Set

This beautifully designed 3 piece canister set is perfect for storing pasta, flour, sugar, or other kitchen necessities on your counter-top. Convenient 2 qt, 2.5 qt, and 3 qt capacities are just the right fit. The oval shape not only saves space on the counter, but is perfect for scooping out ingredients!

  • Utensil Holder

This oval crock is a great addition to your kitchen, and perfect for organizing your Calphalon utensils.

  • Whisk

Great for whipping or aerating batters and sauces.

  • Measuring Cups

Cups designed to measure dry and wet ingredients.

  • Measuring Spoons

Spoons designed to measure dry and wet ingredients.

  • Tongs

Ideal for grabbing and serving steak, chicken and vegetables.

  • Pasta Fork

Perfect for grasping all types of noodles.

  • Ladle

Handy for serving sauces and soups.

  • Potato Masher

Designed specifically to mash potatoes, but also ideal for guacamole, vegetable purees and more.

  • Pot Rack

Display your Calphalon collection proudly - and keep your pans within easy reach. Made from the same heavy gauge stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum as our cookware. Includes four single hooks. Additional hooks can be purchased separately.

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