Calphalon ReNew™ Program

At Calphalon, we share your appetite for life. We believe that by using the earth's natural resources responsibly, we can achieve sustainability for generations to come, to ensure that our quality of life and the things we cherish most endure. Embracing this commitment means that sustainability becomes a natural part of everything we do. It's this philosophy that inspired our Calphalon ReNew™ program and the same one we will continue to foster as we grow. Below are just some of the initiatives that embody our commitment from how our factory is managed to the products we make.

Natural Resource & Energy Conservation

Our factory has reduced its water consumption by 75 percent, saving 100,000 gallons of water per day and we've reduced our electricity consumption by 57 percent.

What We Produce We Recycle

Our products are made with 40 percent recycled aluminum. And we recycle all aluminum scrap metal every year. All of our corrugated cardboard packaging waste is recycled. Our Calphalon ReNew™ Program, is the first program of its kind designed to extend recycling efforts to our customers. We thank you for being a part of our efforts and look forward to finding new solutions that benefit the environment.