XL Digital Deep Fryer

XL Digital Deep Fryer

Before First Use

Remove all packing material and disassemble unit for cleaning. Take the frying basket out of the unit. Remove the cord assembly from the basket and set aside. Lift the control assembly out of the unit. Wipe the control assembly (control unit with heating element) with a damp cloth.

Lift out the removable bowl from the base and wash the bowl, frying basket, and fryer cover in warm, sudsy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly

Getting Started: Steps Before Each Use

Step 1: Insert Removable Bowl

Step 2: Attach control assembly to base

Step 3: Fill bowl with oil

Step 4: Assemble basket handle

Step 5: Attach the cord

Getting Started: Setting the Controls

Step 1: Power ON

Step 2: Select the temperature

Step 3: Begin heating: Place cover on the fryer and press “Start/Cancel” button. The heating icon flashed to indicate the fryer is ready.

Step 4: Prepare food for frying: Set basket on countertop and fill 2/3 full with food.

Step 5: Set the timer (optional)

Step 6: Position basket of food over hot oil and cover the basket, with the vent area away from the basket handles.

Step 7: Lower basket of food into hot oil

Step 8: Remove cooked food

Cleaning & Care

Before cleaning, unplug the deep fryer and allow the fryer and oil to cool completely.

Wash the removable bowl and fryer cover in the dishwasher or by hand.

Wash the basket and handle by hand.

Tips for Successful Operation

Use good quality oil. Olive oil is not recommended because it has a lower smoking temperature.

Do not use solid fat in the deep fryer.

To reuse the oil, strain it through a filter to remove accumulated food residue.