XL 9 Speed Blender

XL 9 Speed Blender

Before First Use

Disassemble the blender jar, lid, stainless steel collar and blade assembly.

Wash, rinse, and dry blender parts but do not immerse the blender base, cord or plug in water.

Reassemble the blender per provided directions.

Getting Started

Step 1: Place food in blender jar: Seal jar with lid and in sure the lid cap is inserted and locked.

Step 2: Press power button: Power indicator light with flash. The blender is in “Stand By” mode.

Step 3: Select blending speed

Stir: blending soups and sauce

Chop: breads crumbs and chopped nuts

Mix: salad dressings, gravies, fruit juice from concentrate

Blend: pancake and waffle batter

Puree: baby food

Liquify: grinding coffee beans or blending drinks

Pulse: creates shorts bursts of power

Smoothie: smoothie drinks. Runs the blender for 30 seconds on liquify and 30 seconds pulsing on and off, chopping through frozen bits.

Ice Crush: chopping ice. Runs the blender for 60 seconds to crush ice into the consistency of snow.

Step 4: Stop/Pause the blender

Cleaning & Care

Carefully wash lid, lid cap, blender jar, gasket, and blade assembly in the top rack or the dishwasher. The blender jar may be placed in the bottom rack.

Hand wash the stainless steel collar

Tips for Successful Operation

When blending a mixture of liquid and solid ingredients, add the liquids first for easier blending.

If unsure on which speed setting to select, begin with “Stir”. Also consider choosing the “Pulse” feature because it allows you to gradually begin blending without accidentally over processing.

Do not fill blender past the 56 ounce capacity. ​​