No Peek™ Waffle Maker

No Peek™ Waffle Maker

Before First Use

Carefully remove all the pieces of the waffle maker from the packaging and place on counter near a suitable electrical outlet.

Remove all packaging materials, including any stickers or tags, from the waffle maker before first use.

Before the first use, wipe with a damp cloth that has been dipped in a watered down mild detergent or soap.

Plug power cord into a 120-volt electrical outlet.

Getting Started

Turn the control knob to the desired shade of browning – light, medium or dark.

Light – waffles are cooked throughout, but exterior browning is minimal

Medium – waffles are golden brown

Dark – waffles are a deep golden brown and the exterior is crispy

Step 2: Preheat waffle maker. The lights between "Off" and your chosen setting will gradually illuminate. Once the light next to your chosen setting illuminates, a chime will sound, indicating that it is ready to cook waffles.

Step 3: Add batter

Open the waffle maker and pour waffle batter (approximately ½ cup) evenly over the bottom plate. Close the waffle maker.

As the waffles cook, the No Peek lights gradually illuminate to your selected level of browning. When waffles are done, open waffle maker and remove waffles with a nonstick safe utensil.

Cleaning & Care

Use only non-metal, temperature resistant utensils, such as wood or nylon. Metal utensils will damage the nonstick coating.

When finished using the waffle maker, turn it “off” and carefully unplug it.

Allow the waffle maker to cool completely before any cleaning is done.

With a damp, clean cloth, clean the waffle maker. Wipe the base and the plates but DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads—they may scratch the nonstick surface.

Tips for Successful Operation

You must use the appropriate amount of batter to ensure beautifully shaped waffles (approximately ½ cup). The No Peek Waffle Maker takes about 2 cups of batter per batch.

Preheating the waffle maker as indicated by the illuminated No Peek Ready light helps prevent waffles from sticking to the plates.

To make two waffles instead of four, pour the batter over half of the waffle plates.

Nonstick cooking sprays are not recommended for this waffle maker. Spraying the plates may build up residue.

Batters with high sugar content will result in darker waffles; batters with low sugar content will result in lighter waffles. ​​​​​​​​