3 In 1 Immersion Blender

3 In 1 Immersion Blender

Before First Use

Wash, rinse, and dry all attachments

Getting Started

Blending: for pureeing foods such as soups and mashing potatoes

Whisk: for whipping air into ingredients such as egg whites or whipping cream

Chopper: for chopping fruits, vegetables, and nuts

Turbo Button: While blending, whisking, or chopping press the Turbo button to temporarily increase speed to the highest setting.

Step 1: Make sure blender is unplugged

Step 2: Attach main body to whisk adapter body

Step 3: Place ingredients in deep mixing bowl

Step 4: Insert plug into an electric outlet

Step 5: Insert whisk into bowl, select blending speed, press the Power button

Cleaning & Care

Before disconnecting the blending wand or whisk from the electrical outlet, consider dipping the end of the attachments in a container of warm, watered down mild detergent. Process under the soapy water to release food residue.

Carefully unplug the immersion blender’s power cord from the electrical outlet by firmly grasping the plug.

Remove any food from the chopper bowl and clean as soon as possible after chopping.

Never immerse the main body, chopper lid, whisk housing, cord or plug in water. If needed, wipe with a damp cloth that has been dipped in a watered down mild detergent or soap.

The blending wand, chopper bowl and blade, mixing cup, nonstick safe guard and whisk (detached from housing) are top rack dishwasher safe.

The chopper lid and whisk housing are not dishwasher safe and should never be put in the dishwasher.

If blender joints accidentally get wet, dry well as soon as possible.

Tips for Successful Operation

The immersion blender should be under the surface of the food or liquid mixture before turning it on.

The chopper will cut food into small bits. The blending wand purees foods until they are smooth, and the whisk beats air into ingredients such as egg whites or cream. ​​​​​​​​