2/4 Slot Stainless Steel Toasters

2/4 Slot Stainless Steel Toasters

Before First Use

Carefully remove the toaster from the packaging. Remove any stickers or temporarily labels affixed to the toaster.

Ensure the crumb tray is properly installed. The tray should be inserted completely.

Plug the power cord into an 110V electrical outlet away from the edge of the counter.

Getting Started

Step 1: Load: Place one slice of bread at a time in each toasting slot

Step 2: Select shade: Turn the Shade Control Knob to choose the desired level of browning.

Step 3: Lower lever: The toaster cycle will begin once the lever is fully engaged.

Step 4: Choose mode

If toasting bread, the toaster is ready for operation.

BAGEL: The inside heating elements are turned on in each toasting unit. The effectively toasts the cut sides of the bagel without overbrowning the exterior.

DEFROST: The toaster begins by thawing the frozen item and then automatically toasting it to the desired level of browning.

REHEAT: The toaster does not brown the item, so you do not need to make a shade selection. The Reheat mode is simply a reheating tool.

Step 5: Remove toast: When cycle is complete, the lever will release. If needed, pull the lever up slightly.

Cancelling a cycle: If you need to stop the toaster for any reason, press the Cancel button to disengage the lever.

Cleaning & Care

Let the toaster cool completely before attempting to clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe the outside of the toaster and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. If desired, polish the exterior of the toaster with stainless steel cleansers. Avoid spraying the cleaners directly onto the toaster; apply the cleaners on a towel prior to wiping the unit.

Do not immerse the toaster in water during cleaning.

The crumb tray should be hand washed, rinsed, and dried. Do not wash the crumb tray in the dishwasher, as this will void the warranty.

Tips for Successful Operation

The 4 Slot Toaster is equipped with two independently controlled sets of toasting slots. This allows each side to be set using different settings.

For large items such as bagel or English muffin, cut them in half and position the cut sides facing the center of the toaster.

Do not force items into the baskets. The slots are generously sized to fit thicker items such as bagels.

Do not insert broken pieces of bread into the toaster. ​​