Cooking with Confidence: Knife Know-How


Article By: Calphalon Team
Originally Published: 3/2/2010

Knife Tips


Cut vegetables with an eye toward how they will look on the plate. Vary your cuts for maximum eye appeal. For example, thick slices of parsnip and cubed yams will contrast well with whole baby carrots.

Hand-wash knives. Washing and drying knives by hand is essential. Hand-washing protects the edge of your most important kitchen tool from becoming dull. Cleaning cutlery in the dishwasher will also void the warranty.

In between cutting tasks, keep the knife blade away from you. And never try to catch a falling knife. Always store knives in a knife block or cutlery drawer.

Keep your knives sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife; if you try to force a dull knife, it’s likely to slip and cause injury. Furthermore, a sharp knife delivers more control and is easier to use because you don’t need to apply as much pressure to make a cut. Send out your knives to have them professionally sharpened once or twice a year (or use a whetstone if you have one). Maintain sharpness with a honing steel (see How to Hone a Knife, left).

Practice. Remember, knife skills only improve with repetition. Besides, if you’re cutting raw vegetables or fruits, you can always munch on your mistakes!

Product Spotlight


The first step to perfecting your knife skills is choosing the right kind.

Contemporary Cutlery
Hand-forged from high-carbon, no-stain German steel, Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery features an ergonomically contoured grip handle and full tang design for balance and strength. Plus, the name of each knife is etched into the end of its handle, so pulling out the right one is quick and easy.

Katana Series Cutlery
Calphalon Katana Series cutlery features thirty-three layers of stainless steel, imparting exceptional sharpness as well as retaining the blade’s edge for enduring high-performance results. The integrated bolster design allows for smooth slicing while the ergonomic handle is contoured for comfort and balanced for precision.