Guest Blog: Bake Up Some Frightful Fun


Article By: Calphalon Team
Originally Published: 10/21/2013


Cupcake PanIt's that time of year for scary, sweet treats! Sure, getting into the Halloween baking spirit is always fun, but how about when it's done with an autumn twist? The Aubergine Chef, Jason Shriner, put both a spooky and seasonal twist on his Halloween cupcakes: they're topped with skeletons, tombstones, and pumpkins galore, but they were also made with butternut squash instead of butter. Learn more about Jason's inspiration, and learn how to make Butternut Squash Yellow Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Maple Buttercream and Marshmallow Fondant on Jason's website!

"Rustling leaves, shrieks followed by laughs, and whimsical costumes make October one of my favorite times of the year. While I’ll be the first to admit I’m an easy target for fright, there’s still something about Halloween for me where twisted spooky decorations inspire excitement and joy.

Baking for Halloween can be tricky, as there aren’t a lot of recipes that are uniquely tied to the holiday. Never fear, as that trickiness can become a treat for your imagination, forcing you to look at your kitchen in a whole new way. Common pastries shed their sweet personas, like graham crackers turning into tombstones and toasted marshmallow fondant transforming into aged skeletons. Couple these imaginative decorations with autumn-inspired flavors, like butternut squash cupcakes and brown sugar maple German buttercream, and you’ve got a Halloween party your friends won’t soon forget!

CupcakesOf course a solid recipe is only part of the equation – you need solid bakeware for awesome baked goods. Cupcakes are notoriously vulnerable to hot spots in ovens, resulting in uneven baking, especially on the bottom -- but the Calphalon 12-cup cupcake pan is heavy enough that the heat never overwhelms your delicate pastries. Clean-up was incredibly easy too. Any drops of batter on the pan slipped right off once the pan was cool.

I think my favorite part about this pan is that it transforms into its own carrier. Sure, it’s easy to make cupcakes -- but how you get them to your destination safely has always been tricky. The snap on lid transforms your pan into a safe carrier, plus when you’re finished with it, just snap the lid on the reverse side for compact storage! Now there’s a clever treat!"

- Jason Shriner from The Aubergine Chef

Photo Credit: The Aubergine Chef

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