New To You: Calphalon Unison Nonstick


Article By: Calphalon Team
Originally Published: 8/28/2009

Be prepared to impress all your guests with Calphalon's revolutionary Unison cookware line. Thanks to its Sear Nonstick and Slide Nonstick surfaces, Calphalon Unison cookware will turn you into an instant celebrity chef–and make it all easy enough that you'll want to schedule a repeat performance next weekend!

Seal in Flavor with the Unison Sear Nonstick Surface

Properly searing meat, tuna, salmon and veggies to lock in flavor and seal in juices is easy with Unison. Here's the method to use with the tuna and red pepper for the salad and the filet for the entrée:

  1. Dry off whatever you're cooking with paper towels to help it brown once it's in the pan.
  2. Rub your beef or seafood or toss your veggies with just enough olive or canola oil to coat; this gives your finished dish a darker crust.
  3. Place what you're cooking in the pan over medium-high heat and let it cook briefly without moving it (no peeking!). Unison's specially textured Sear Nonstick surface ensures even browning without burn ing or sticking. After a couple of minutes, shake the pan; when the contents are ready to turn, they should slide easily. Turn them over, then cook on the other side.

Release Foods Effortlessly with the Unison Slide Nonstick Surface

Keeping delicate foods like omelettes, crepes and pancakes from tearing is crucial to a flawless presentation, and Unison makes it all seem so simple. Here's how to keep your zucchini pancakes tender:

  1. Add oil to the pan over medium-high heat and swirl to coat.
  2. Pour a little batter onto the pan.
  3. Fry until golden, then turn over with a spatula. With the revolutionary Unison Slide Nonstick surface, the pancake should flip easily, not stick or fall apart.
  4. Cook the other side, then transfer to the oven to keep them warm until you're ready to serve.

And how to ensure your orange-caramel sauce comes out silky smooth:

  1. Bring the sugar syrup to a boil without stirring until it begins to turn light amber in color.
  2. Turn off the heat and add room-temperature orange juice.
  3. As you stir to incorporate the juice, the Unison Slide Nonstick surface ensures any clumps smooth out easily. Cool, then toss with fruit.

Celebrate With Unison

Now that you've mastered these techniques, you'll look like a serious pro–and have more time and energy to relax and enjoy the evening. Throwing a dinner party is suddenly just as much fun as going to one, thanks to a little help from Unison.