All About Roasters


Article By: Calphalon Team
Originally Published: 10/28/2013

All About Roasters

Shop all Calphalon RoastersRoasting is one of the best ways to cook large, tender cuts of meat. With this indirect, dry-heat cooking method, foods are cooked uncovered in the oven, quickly at high temperature, or more slowly at lower temperatures. Roasting heats the food’s outer layers first, causing the natural juices to turn to steam and penetrate the food more deeply. Roasted foods are often characterized by their rich color, browned, crispy exterior and moist, juicy interior.

Calphalon roasters are designed to cook food evenly on all sides. If you want perfect roasting results, here are a few things to look for when selecting a roasting pan:

Size availability. Roasting pans come in different sizes, so choose your pan based on the size of the meals you’ll most likely be preparing. A medium-size, 14-in. roasting pan can accommodate turkeys up to 12 pounds (enough to serve 6-8), while a larger, 16-in. roasting pan can accommodate turkeys up to 20 pounds (enough to serve 12). If you’re hosting more than 12 people, consider cooking two smaller turkeys instead of sizing up to an extra-large one. Bigger birds take longer to cook, and, due to their size, often cook unevenly.

RoastersOptimum pan shape. Roasting pans are traditionally rectangular, and feature wide openings to hold large cuts of meat as well as accommodate roasting racks. Sides are high enough to contain juices, essential for making gravies and pan sauces, yet still provide easy access to pan drippings for basting.

Heavy-gauge construction. Calphalon roasters are made from durable hard-anodized aluminum or stainless steel for even heat distribution. This not only gives you great results in the oven, but also excellent heat control on the stovetop so that gravies and pan sauces don’t scorch.

Sturdy handles. Riveted handles are much more durable than spot-welded handles or handles attached with screws. Riveted handles offer a safe and reliable grip when lifting heavy roasting pans.

Nonstick roasting racks. Designed to elevate your turkey or roast, a roasting rack will position foods above the pan drippings. This prevents your food from “stewing in its own juices” and promotes even browning and air circulation.

Lifting tools. Some roaster sets include lifters, tools to help you transfer heavy turkeys or roasts from the pan to the cutting board or serving plate. These tools are specially designed to help you lift safely and securely.

Cooking versatility. Roasting pans are also perfect for making extra-large batches of lasagna, macaroni & cheese, corn bread or even berry cobblers. You can also spread vegetables (such as carrots, potatoes, Brussels spouts or squash) in a single layer and roast in the oven to caramelize to a perfect golden brown.