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The Breakfast Club

Turn old classics into new favourites! Our breakfast/brunch menu takes a fresh approach to these delicious dishes. And it’s a great way enjoy company on weekend mornings!

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Vegetarian 101

Whether you're a vegetarian, have vegetarian friends, or just would like to increase your vegetarian repertoire, vegetarian cooking offers a wide range of delicious dining options. We've put together a richly textured menu, designed to introduce you to the basics of vegetarian cooking. Working with staple ingredients of the vegetarian pantry, including grains, legumes and tofu, you'll learn to create a meal that's ideal for family dining or entertaining.

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Vietnamese Favourites

If you love fresh spring rolls and a good bowl of pho, come and learn the various dishes that are offered at your favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Using fresh ingredients, learn how to create a meal full of flavour.

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Wok & Roll

Learn the tips and techniques needed to create the healthy, crunchy goodness of fresh, beautifully textured stir-fried Asian dishes. We'll also introduce you to traditional Asian herbs, condiments and seasonings, and you'll match and blend them for a perfectly finished dish.

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Pork 101

Go whole hog! Learn about various cuts of “the other white meat”: roasts, cutlets, and more. Gain an understanding of which cooking methods are best for each cut, and be introduced to marinating and seasoning pork. In this class, you’ll go beyond popular chops and explore a variety of new, fun and tasty ways to cook perfect pork!

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Rubs & Marinades

Join us for this class and learn all about rubs and marinades. Infusing food with flavour, prior to cooking, is essential for items that require limited cooking periods, like barbecue or grill items. A second benefit to rubs and marinades is to impart tenderness to a lesser cut of meat. Learn the difference and similarities between the two and enjoy a great menu inspired by the warmer months.

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Sear, Sauté, Grill & Roast

Searing, caramelizing and deglazing are just a few of the techniques a chef relies on when cooking using dry heat. Join us for this technique-driven class, learn the fundamentals of dry heat cooking and revolutionize your approach to cooking.

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Shellfish 101

Picture the quaint scenery of a New England lobster pier. Visualize the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean. The world of shellfish is as vast and deep as those waters, and this class helps you become an expert on these aquatic creatures of the deep. Roll up your sleeves and learn the difference between mollusks and crustaceans, the best way to prepare plump, succulent shrimp and lobster, how to clean and shell them, and so much more. You’ll be using market fresh items to create and enjoy delicious fresh shellfish recipes.

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Simmer, Steam, Stew & Poach

Join us for this technique-driven class focusing on building flavour through slow and / or wet cooking methods. From a quick and easy tilapia filet poached in parchment to slow-braised 'fall off the bone' ribs, this class is sure to simplify another kitchen fundamental.

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Soups & Chowders

A warm, hearty soup or chowder satisfies body and soul. Join other soup-lovers and learn the basics of soup & chowder preparations like those passed from one generation to the next. You'll make dishes from scratch with flavour and freshness like you've never enjoyed before!

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