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Tuscan Table

The Calphalon Culinary Center comes alive with the scents and sounds of Northern Italy as we celebrate “la famiglia”. Tuscany is the cradle of traditional Northern Italian cuisine, and the custom of gathering the family around the dinner table for a loud and lively feast lives on. Our Chef Instructor has planned a robust, family style menu according to the finest Tuscan traditions. You’ll learn to prepare a classic Tuscan menu for your next special occasion with family and friends. Mangiare!

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Provencal Cuisine

Taste the fresh and flavoursome cuisine of the region. A melting pot of Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean & French – this class explores rustic ingredients with elegance and flair of the culture.

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Quinoa: Modern Day Superfood, with Nettie Cronish

Quinoa was one of the three staple foods of the Inca civilization. It is a small seed that resembles millet and contains more protein than any other grain. What type of quinoa do you cook with? Tan, red or black? Did you know they have different cooking times? In our cooking class with Cookbook Author Nettie Cronish, we'll cook quinoa in orange juice, vegetable stock, coconut milk, or water. An introduction to quinoa flour, puffs, pasta and other popular products will ensure you cook with confidence the next time you prepare a quinoa dish.

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Retro Canapes & Hors d'oeuvre

Get your party into full swing with these fun retro-inspired finger foods. They'll liven up your next cocktail party; fun to make and more fun to eat!

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Seafood Brunch with Rodney Clark

Rodney and The Legendary Crew have been focused on The Oyster for over 30 years. Join us to unravel the street's mystery between Oyster Brand Names, Oyster Families, and the character of North America's Oysters, through Talking, Tasting, and The Famous ROH Oyster "101" ! After all, one's defense in the food world is only one's knowledge. Some surprise offerings and a great day of social intercourse through The Oyster.

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Shared Small Plates

Small plates can have amazing flavor, and we have some that are too good not to share. In this class, you'll learn to prepare a few new dishes to share with friends and family communally.

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Parisian Pleasures

Invite your friends and enjoy discovering the culinary secrets of a delightful French bistro. We’ll show you how to create the elegant and subtle flavours of a lovely night in Paris, and do as the French: spend an evening enjoying fine food, lively conversation and the splendid company of good friends.

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Basic Fish Cookery

If cooking with fish is intimidating, join us for this informative yet relaxed demonstration cooking class. You will see a number of different dishes that are easy to prepare, and we wouldn't be surprised if you'll want to rush home to try them yourself!

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Chef's Tasting Menu

Looking for inspiration for your next dinner party? Then join us for this exceptional dining experience. With this sampling of our Chef's creations, our Chef Instructor will demonstrate how to create a posh, stylish tasting menu -- the sort of meal normally enjoyed at only the finest restaurants -- right in your own kitchen. Serve this sumptuous menu in whole or in part and delight your guests with luxurious ingredients and surprising flavour combinations.

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