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Donna Wong — Class Assistant

Donna has had the unique opportunity of apprenticing and learning from over 50 chefs from Toronto from various cooking schools she has worked at. Donna enjoys assisting different chefs because each one has unique culinary techniques to share. As an assistant she has had the opportunity of assisting at the cooking schools at Loblaws, LCBO, Dish Cooking Studio, and of course, the Calphalon Culinary Center. Donna believes that the hands-on classes at Calphalon Culinary Center are the best that Toronto has to offer because each student makes 4-5 recipes mirroring the chef.

Donna's Background

Donna's step into the culinary world has been a gradual one. She worked as a graphic artist for over 10 years and yearned for a change. While a graphic designer, she always enjoyed baking, as well as giving baked goods for gifts, so she decided to follow a path in baking. She graduated from George Brown College with a certificate in Bakery Arts. After working at several cooking schools she joined the Calphalon Culinary Center as a part time assistant. She also works for "Break an Egg", often making large quantities (5,000 - 7,000) of baked goods for clients.

Donna's Favourite Saying to Novice Chefs:

"The simplest ingredients are often the most delicious."

Donna's Favourite Piece of Calphalon Cookware:

Calphalon One 12" Infused Anodized Fry Pan