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Carlos Mateus — Chef Instructor

Chef Carlos Mateus was born and raised in Toronto's Annex area and still lives nearby in Little Italy. Carlos' interest in food and wine began as a child, helping his parents run a small Portuguese grocery store, where he learned the skill of butchery and the essentials of specialty foods. Carlos began more formal training at George Brown College when it was then located in Kensington Market.

Carlos's Background

Carlos gained experience at a number of hotels and restaurants in the Toronto area. During this 23 year period Carlos owned and operated two of his own restaurants, in the Durham region.

In recent years Carlos focused his culinary energies on catering and personal chef work as well as a culinary instructor, both within a traditional college setting and at the Calphalon Culinary Center.

What’s your favourite saying to novice chefs?

Stay organized, focus on product quality, keep it simple and use the best tools you can find. Everything else will fall into place.

What’s your favourite Calphalon piece?

Calphalon Katana Chef’s Knife